Summer School Zweibruecken

Hands on Micro Systems

Preparation at home

learn to use the different complex machines in advance via the Virtual Training Lab (VTL)

5 days at University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Campus Zweibruecken

in the manufacturing of Piezo-Resistive Silicon Pressure Sensors

    Hands on Labs
  • work safety
  • cleanroom technology
  • work routines in cleanrooms and particle counting
  • wafer cleaning, coating with aluminium
  • photo-lithographie, wet chemical aluminium etching; photoresist stripping
  • anodic bonding, sensor dicing
  • packaging
  • process controls and testing

Scientific day
with different talks on current topics

Social program
with barbecue, climbing and pub crawl


“Interesting courses, I learned a lot of new things by seeing wafer research/production work in action. It gave a better view than just learning the theory.”

“It provides a very nice hands-on experience for students interested in nano- and microsystems!!! Highly recommended.”

“It is a very interesting week with a nice balance between learning new things and enjoying the time with the others.”

“Going abroad, having some clean room experience, socializing with other students is all very fun and will give me a good memory.”

“Very nice interaction with the instructors, Social activities were very nice. Hands-on Training with sophisticated equipment.”

„I think that it is already a very good summer school. The intercultural event was a good idea, but I thought that the objectives were not due to some desorganization/structure of that specific lecture.“

“ …great project, really nice, friendly people and a clear explanation of what had to be done.”

“Very interesting experience in the cleanroom. Clear explanations and overall a great week.”

“It was an event in which I learned about new techniques. As well, some techniques that I already knew about were explained deeply.”

“The lab sessions were very nice and I learned a lot. The academic slam and poster session is also a good way of getting to know the work that is done at the university.”

“Everything was very well organized, supervisors were very friendly and explained everything in a clear understandable fashion. The social activities, especially climbing were very fun.”

“My expectations were over known. I expected it to be less practical, more presentations etc. But we got to do everything own selves and get real hands-on experience, which is great!”

“It was a nice work environment. I felt welcome and I think other students should also take the opportunity to learn to how the process works in a cleanroom.”

“I would strongly advise it to other students because it’s a unique opportunity. You learn a lot of new things!”

“Everything was well organized. We knew everyone by name and could ask everything, anytime. Very kind people.”